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Signal Out
(forthcoming 2010 on MPRNTBL)
Wounded Speaker
(MPRNTBL, MPRN-001, January 2009)
At the Edge of this Forest
(MPRNTBL, MPRN-003, April 2009)

Using multiple sound sources, Double Blind director Glenn Bach conducted a five-hour recording session using material from the group's forthcoming MPRNTBL release, Signal Out, mixed with recordings captured in the East Village Arts Park, Soundwalk 2009, Long Beach, 3 October 2009. Photos here.

The original mix of Wounded Speaker was installed in the 4th floor hallway of Kenilworth East as part of the Peck School of the Arts Open House, Saturday, 18 October 2008. Photos here.

The original mix of Wounded Speaker and a recording of the September 18th performance was included as a sound installation as part of Soundwalk 2008, East Village, Long Beach, CA, Saturday, 20 September 2008. Photos here.

Double Blind performed a live, improvised interpretation of Wounded Speaker as part of the 3rd Thursday series, {open}, 2226 E. 4th Street (at Junipero), Long Beach, CA, 18 September 2008. Participants included Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, David Nadal, Joseph Richard Negro, scott A peterson, Matt Pogue, Michael Raco-Rands and Marco Schindelmann. Photos here.

Double Blind performed At the Edge of this Forest,19 October 2006, {open}, 144 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA. Photos here.

Double Blind performed Submersive, Soroptomist House, CSULB, 25 March 2000.

Glenn Bach (1,2,3,4)
Kim Cascone (3)
Jessica Catron (2)
Jeremy Drake (2)
shea M gauer (2,3)
Dale Kaminski (3)
John Kannenberg (3)
Jorge Martin (2)
Marcia Marx (1)
David Nadal (1,3)
Joseph Richard Negro (2,3)
scott A peterson (2,3)
Chris Pogue (1)
Matt Pogue (1,3)
Michael Raco-Rands (2,3)
Tom Recchion (3)
Silas Ritchie (3)
Marco Schindelmann (2,3)
Kevin Schlei (3)
Heather Thompson (1)
Kris Tiner (4)

(4) Signal Out
(3) Wounded Speaker
(2) At the Edge of this Forest
(1) Submersive

Administered by Glenn Bach, Double Blind explore the intersection between the analog and digital in both live improvised performances and collaborative studio soundscapes. Double Blind enjoy a dynamic and fluctuating membership, depending on the project and location. Wounded Speaker, released January 2009 on MPRNTBL, has generated an offshoot project, Signal Out, forthcoming on MPRNTBL. Another project, At the Edge of this Forest, features a live recording of alternative soundtracks inspired by the short films of the Brothers Quay.

Photos here and here.