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Double Blind
At the Edge of this Forest

1. Extinct (13:46)
2. Married (10:08)
3. Gilgamesh (4:13)
4. Dramolet (1:23)
5. Woods (3:17)
6. Comb (16:58)
7. Crocodiles (20:14)

Download all tracks as a ZIP file.

Alternative soundtracks inspired by the short films of the Brothers Quay, recorded live at {open}, Long Beach, CA, October 19, 2006. "Enjoy a feast for the senses as the already stimulating Quay films undergo radical transformations at the hands of some of the most interesting experimental musicians in Southern California" (OC Weekly). Photos here and here.


Glenn Bach (electronics, percussion)
Jessica Catron (cello)
Jeremy Drake (guitar, electronics)
shea M gauer (electronics, percussion)
Jorge Martin (electronics)
Joseph Richard Negro (laptop)
scott A peterson (electronics)
Michael Raco-Rands (bass, electronics)
Marco Schindelmann (voice, electronics)

Administered by Glenn Bach, Double Blind explore the intersection between the analog and digital in both live improvised performances and collaborative studio soundscapes. Double Blind enjoy a dynamic and fluctuating membership, depending on the project and location. Wounded Speaker, released January 2009 on MPRNTBL, has generated an offshoot project, Signal Out, forthcoming on MPRNTBL. Another project, At the Edge of this Forest, features a live recording of alternative soundtracks inspired by the short films of the Brothers Quay.

MPRN-003 original release date: April 2009.