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MPRN-015. Mminor. Hypothesis
MPRN-014. Double Blind. Signal Out
. Southern California Soundscape Ensemble. Live at {open}
MPRN-012. Seth Warren-Crow. 7 Circular Gestures
MPRN-011. Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra. Live at Woodland Pattern
MPRN-010. Milwaukee Phonography. Live at UWM
MPRN-009. Intense Situations of Peril. Flor de Muerto
MPRN-008. qqq. Sets
MPRN-007. Glenn Bach. Iteral
. Lisle Ellis and Marcos Fernandes. Live at Quiet
MPRN-005. Aaron Ximm. Live at so.cal.sonic
MPRN-004. Intense Situations of Peril. Torreyana
MPRN-003. Double Blind. At the Edge of this Forest
MPRN-002. Mem1. Live at OCMA
MPRN-001. Double Blind. Wounded Speaker

MPRNTBL (pronounced "imprintable") is a net label dedicated to quiet music, slow sound, lowercase, free improvisation, field recordings, analog noise, and collaborative soundscapes.